50th Test for Virat Kohli and Joe Root -Performance so far

Image of Virat Kohli and Joe Root

Virat kohli and Joe Root are playing their 50th test match of their international career in ongoing series between India and England. Virat kohli(India) and Joe Root(England) are the players of this modern era of cricket and counted under Fabulous 4 of this modern era and competing along with Steven Smith(Australia) and Kane Williamson(New Zealand).Both the players are playing their 50th test match in ongoing series and giving touch competition to each other in which Joe Root scored a wonderful century in 1st test match of the series which ends up in a draw and Virat Kohli scored a knock 150+ runs in 2nd ongoing test.

images of Virat Kohli, Joe Root , Steven smith,Kane Williamson

Virat kohli captain of Indian test team and Joe Root the best middle order batsmen at present in England team have proved their worth in their team and the potential at which they can perform. As far performance is concerned both players are truly remarkable in their performance  and giving tough competition to each other in the race of becoming world’s no.1 batsmen.

 Records So far

In Tests     Matches   Innings  Runs   H.S.    Avg        St.Rate     100s     50s

Virat Kohli                49              85                3643       211              46.11            53.69          11            12

Joe Root                   49              90              4231        254            53.55             55.40           9             23


Virat Kohli             167           —-             7218          183          52.30              90.30            24               36

Joe Root                 78            —-             3017          125          45.71               85.51                8               17

In T20’s

Virat Kohli            45              —             1658          90           57.17                  135                0                16

Joe Root                21              —              600          90           37.50                 137                 0                 4


 Recent Performance

Virat Kohli

Images of Virat Kohli

If we talk about Virat’s recent performance then the records will show you an extraordinary and uncomparable perfromance. In last Indian Premiere League (IPL) season too Virat Kohli had scorec more than 900+ runs and becomes the highest run scorer in Ipl. Captain of Indian test team continue the legacy of MS-dhoni and fits in the shoes of him as he has 2 double centuries and 4centuries in last 4 Series .

Joe Root

Image of Joe Root

Joe root of the most important and best middle order batsmen of England cricket team has proved his worth in team as a part time spinner too.Recently he scored a century against indian team in ongoing test series which going to increase his confident to perform much better.



Both players have performed well till now and a bright future ahead for both the players and going to become legendary players in future which going to set benchmark.#scoretosettle

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